Sick Daniel B.

No. 1501

Daniel is nine years old and lives in Ukraine in a Roma settlement. Since his birth he has suffered from paralysis of the feet and cannot walk or run. He likes to spend his time outside and watch the other children play. He tries to crawl on all fours in order to have community with the other children. 

Daniel has seven other siblings who help him when he needs something. The family lives in very poor conditions. Two months ago there was an accident where he accidentally dropped a pot of boiling water on himself. Due to the lack of medical care in the country and the great poverty among the Roma people, Daniel had to suffer much pain. 

It almost tears your heart apart and you can't watch indifferently how this little boy lives, suffers from pain and can still laugh. It is planned to take Daniel to a clinic soon, where he will be examined and treated. Please pray for this plan.

Project 1501