Water wells 
und Washing machines for needy widows

No. 1482

"God will help us!" - said the widow Raja (48) very convinced with childlike faith, to the guests from Germany. Life in a gypsy tabor is a challenge for a poor widow, as there are no water pipes in her small houses. The water has to be fetched from a well, which is some 100 meters away. There is no mention of a washing machine. All the laundry has to be washed by hand like in the old days. Despite these hard circumstances, the twelvefold mother is happy. She teaches her children to be grateful for every little thing. 

Water is life! Every day, regardless of the weather conditions, you can see women and children walking to a water well with various vessels such as buckets, canisters or the like. Having enough water for all needs, in a household with many children, is no easy task.   "Bringt the thirsty ...water! Meet the hungry with bread!" Isa. 21,14 

We would like to give the thirsty access to clean water by building water wells. So that the little girls and their mothers are also freed from the hard work (laundry), we would like to give each widow a simple washing machine. May God bless this project so that his name may be praised among the gypsy people.

Project 1482