Children's recreation among gypsies

No. 1480

Playing in dirt and mud is an unimaginable life for many of us. A children's room full of toys, a clean playground and beautiful gardens offer our children and grandchildren a lot of joy. But the life of many gypsy children in Transcarpathia is quite different. It is often the case that the children cannot even attend school. The Roma people consist of many families with many children. But the high unemployment and the parents' lack of professional skills mean that the children cannot be provided for sufficiently and are therefore forced to live in poverty.  

For such children, day camps for children will be organized and carried out this summer. More than 500 children are expected to take part in such camps for three to four days. We want to convey the love of Jesus to these children, play and sing with them, offer meals, read the Bible with them and pray with them. Please pray for this great project, so that these children will also find Jesus Christ.