No. 1479

Orphans David and Artur D.

It is exactly two years since the bad news shook many hearts. Five people died in a serious accident in Kyrgyzstan. For the grandmother and the young parents, as well as two small children, any help came too late. David (8) and Artur (6), who were in the car during the accident, survived the accident only by a miracle. After their stay in hospital, a foster family took the children in. At first they were happy, because they thought they would only visit this family. But when they learned that they no longer had any parents or siblings, they cried bitterly. A short time later, the two boys visited the cemetery. For them it was incomprehensible why their parents had to be buried here. Vanya, their stepfather, tried to explain to them that they would not see their deceased parents and siblings here on earth any more. He went on to say that a wonderful moment would soon come: It is written in the Bible that the Lord Jesus will come soon. Through the sound of the trumpet the dead will rise! Then you will see Dad and Mum and your brothers and sisters again! Then the eyes of the two boys lit up and the tears of joy glistened. With childlike faith they took this truth to heart - they did not cry anymore, for now they had hope and comfort. 

Today they have settled in well in the foster family, which is itself expecting their fifth child. They feel the love of their new parents and enjoy playing with their new siblings. Let us pray for this family, that God will give the parents much love and strength so that the children can be well cared for and educated.

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Country: Kyrgyzstan
Category: orphans
Project no.: 1479