Orphans Ignatjev

No. 1470

Jesus said to his disciples in Joh. 14,3: "...will take you to me, that you may be where I am." Regardless of tragic events in life, this statement gives comfort and hope to everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is also the case in the Ignatjev family, where a month ago father Vladislav died in a serious traffic accident with his wife Maria and their little daughter Dajana (4 months old). Three orphans were left behind, who after the funeral service convincingly told everyone with their childlike faith that mum and dad are in heaven with their little sister. "Jesus has brought them to himself" - they said. And that is their great comfort. Please pray for the relatives and for the children William (4), Valeria (3) and Michael (1,5). May God bless abundantly everyone who thinks of the orphans! 

Project 1470