House fire at P. family in Absheronsk

No. 1458
widows, distressed

One Sunday, while the children were on their way home with their mother after the service, they suddenly saw their small, cosy house on fire. All help came too late, there was nothing left to save. Furniture, clothes, all the household goods - everything fell victim to the fire. The mother of six, Svetlana, and her children are left completely penniless. Svetlana's husband left the family when she converted to Jesus. Since then she has had to care for the children alone.

Currently, Svetlana is living with her children in a small apartment for the time being, hoping that her house will be rebuilt by winter. The brothers of the local church have made the foundation and bought stones for the walls. Please pray for the building project, for God's guidance and success. 

Project 1458