House fire in the S. family.

No. 1428

On this spring evening a strong wind swept over the village of Shipka. The family of eleven was about to finish their farm work when one of the sons noticed smoke rising from the roof of the house. He quickly called his mother, fetched the ladder and hurried up to the attic. He saw with horror that the fire was raging there. Only a few minutes passed and the whole roof was in bright flames. The family at least tried to get the valuable things out of the house. When the fire brigade came, the whole roof already collapsed. 

After the fire was extinguished, they saw a devastated picture: all the household goods (clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.), as well as the 500 chicks bred to feed the family, fell victim to the fire. 

Thank God nobody was hurt in this accident. Even the cow was saved.

Today, families with many children face a great challenge: they urgently need a roof over their heads, but also everything necessary for the household. In spite of everything, the family puts its hope only in the Lord. Their trust in God is a great testimony for the inhabitants of the village. In all this tribulation they take the words of the righteous Job to heart and say
The LORD has given, the LORD has taken; the name of the LORD be praised.
Job 1, 21

Please pray for the family Viktor and Ljuba S. May the Lord bless us to show them mercy in this difficult time. God bless you!

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