Widow Valentina O.

No. 1424

The widow Valentina (47) has been living without a husband for a year. The father of six children was an alcoholic. Due to his strong addiction he lost his job and was incapable of any other work. So Valentina had to provide for the livelihood and well-being of the family. For this purpose he blackmailed and looted both the children and his wife. All these worries weighed heavily on the shoulders of the mother. He did not want to hear anything from God and despite many prayers he did not let go of his sins until he found death in his addiction. It was a very difficult time for the family. This is a sad story and a bad example for the children. At present Valentina lives very humbly with her three youngest children. Her prayer is that all of her children, Artem (25), Vlad (24), Jaroslav (15), Daniel (11) and Mary (9) will find the right way to God and obtain true peace in HIM.