Widow Svetlana I.

No. 1354

one year ago, the widow Svetlana (45) stood at her husband's coffin. the children cried bitterly, saying goodbye to the father was very difficult. Anatoli had been suffering from a head tumor for 10 years. several operations, months of hospital stays, the care of the children, all this was a great burden on Svetlana's shoulders. the dream of the father's recovery did not come true. nevertheless, they have the hope to see the father in heaven again. it is hard to live without a husband and father, but only with god they find comfort and help. during this time, Svetlana spent all her fortune on doctors and medicine. today, the widow lives with her children in an old log cabin on the third floor in a small apartment (44 sqm). thanks to the support of the brothers and sisters in faith, Svetlana and her children make ends meet, despite the difficult times. the widow expresses her heartfelt thanks for every intercession.

It is necessary to find another home for the widow and her children, a house would be the best solution in this case. Please pray for this project. 

Update from 20.10.2020

Visiting the widow

On October 15, 2020, we were able to visit Sveta Iseeva, a mother of ten, in the city of Chernigov. She was very surprised by the visit and could hardly express herself in words of joy. For 1.5 years the sister Svetlana has been a widow. Her husband, Anotoli suffered from a head tumor for 10 years. During this time the whole fortune was spent on doctors and medicines. Today she lives with her children in a very small apartment (44 sq.m.) log house.

Update from 27.08.2022

School bags for half orphans

In the city of Uzgorod the brothers visited the widow Svetlana Iseeva. The widow has been living with her 10 children in a room in a shared apartment for 5 months. The children have received schoolbags from Germany. The apartment house in the town of Chernigov, where the widow used to live, has been bombed. The prayer house nearby is also destroyed. The widow does not know at all how to live.

Update from 01.06.2023

How the widow lives today

Today the widow Svetlana lives with her children as refugees in a village not far from the city of Uman (earlier she lived in the city of Chernigov), the high-rise building where she lived in a small room apartment is destroyed. The children have to get acquainted with the village life to the full extent. The boys have a lot of energy, that's why they find the life in the village very nice. The circumstances are simple, rather primitive, no bathroom or toilet in the house. The small house has only 2 small rooms, but the widow Svetlana does not grumble and prays that all the children will be led to repentance.

We were able to visit the widow several times. Svetlana is happy about the visit and the food. The children are happy about the bicycles from Germany. (Not all children can be seen on the pictures)

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