No. 1000

The kids are waiting ...

The children are waiting for love, security, warmth, that they are understood ... and much more. There is no exception, no matter what country, city or family you live in. Even the age of the child does not matter. All children are happy about presents, but even more so is the childish yearning for a mother, a family, a place called home.

The "Children Wait" project is being launched to help new children, parents and children find and find a new home, a mother and a father. We would like to help with you the families who have decided to adopt such children or to take care of them as foster children in their families.

We want to sponsor such children to support them financially. This project specifically supports every child included in the program. With an amount of 23.00 EUR per month, we want to help the children in their grave fate.

Of course it is impossible to replace the birth mother, but we are happy that siblings always agree to undertake this difficult task for the love of the children.

The siblings often have children of their own, but they still have a warm heart for the orphans. they take time for them and give them love and security. this is a very good opportunity to show the lonely children a reflection of divine love.

The Bible says, "Even children are a gift from the Lord; those who receive them are richly rewarded "(Ps. 127: 3).

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Project no.: 1000